Why do I feel like I need to travel the world?

Bonjour, Holà, Hello, Guten tag, ... Hi guys, what's up ? I am currently working on a new article to tell you more about my move from Paris to Amsterdam, for professional reasons (but not only!). While writing the article, I was thinking about something and wondered how many countries did I already visit ? [...]

Why am I changing my food routine to more vegetables? (But I’m not vegan, or not yet)

Hello guys, How are you? I recently was talking with one of my friend when I had this inspiration of new articles I can write down here. In fact, I recently changed my food routine. Over the past two years, I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the food I ate mainly because [...]

Two days in Belgium, in Brussels!

Heeey, sorry I haven't been posting for a few weeks but I got an excuse. I've been so busy lately because of little trips and also because I was looking for a job. But during the time I didn't write here, I went to Brussels in Belgium for two days and I really had a [...]

10 tips for your next trip (short/long)

Hey my friends, how are you today ? I am currently writing to you from the Eurostar, on my way to London. Yaayy! How exciting!   Is it my first time ? Nope, I will tell you more about a trip I did a few years ago in Cambridge. But anyways, while I was packing [...]

New York City Break – The Frenchy in the Big Apple

Two years ago, while I was going to school in the State of Delaware, I took a trip off to New York. It was time for me to go visit the Big Apple and see by myself what movies and magazines taught me about this incredible city. There are so many things to do in [...]

Wesson & Co, the British accessories brand

Hey guys, how are you today ? As I am writing my blog about my travels & lifestyle, I had to tell you about this brand, Wesson & Co, that contacted me a few months ago to know if I was interested in a partnership with them. I think you are starting to know me [...]

Days off in Normandie to visit Le Mont Saint Michel

Hi there, I hope you're doing well and you're planning your next trip! I just wanted to share with you a place I visited during August while I was off to the North West of France for a few days. In fact, I recently started to travel in France which is completely silly since I [...]